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Our tunnel freezer is composed of two series-connected belts, which are spatially separated. In the first stage, the products are cooled down from +15° C to about 5° C.

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Straight Tunnel Freezer Product Information : Straight tunnel freezer is suitable for freezing a wide range of products such as seafood, meat product, fried product, vegetable, fruit, bakery, ready-to-eat meal and other products.

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Praxair is a leading provider of cryogenic and process gases used in the food refrigeration and processing industry

Cryogenic freezing equipment : our projects.

Take a Look At CES' New Multi-Pass Tunnel That Was Recently Completed CES recently completed a new multi-pass tunnel for a leading meat manufacturer in North America.

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Thermo Jack Freezer is a tunnel type freezer for continuous rapid freezing which shortens freezing time by up to 75%. Thermo Jack has an impinging jet effect in addition to conventional air blasting.

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Optimize your freezing, cooling and packaging processes with our full line of gases, applications and equipment for the food and beverage industry.

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For fishermen and processors... IMS manufactures chillers, self-contained RSW systems, and condensing units in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Introduction to freezing. Freezing is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of food preservation, which allows preservation of taste, texture, and nutritional value in foods better than any other method.

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Freeze dried food is shelf stable – no refrigeration or freezer required for storage. The “freeze” part only comes in during the freeze drying process.

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Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. Main refrigeration equipment: cube ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice machine, cold room, cold room panels, ice raking system, intelligent cold room unit, cabinet bag ice machine and corollary equipment of ice machines.

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Excimer Laser Gases Linde is the world’s largest supplier of pure excimer laser gases, excimer laser gas mixtures, and laser equipment

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Enlow also provided a brief history of their individual accomplishments and contributions to both UniSea and the seafood industry at-large. Enlow thanked NSK for donating the funds in support of the plaques.He introduced and welcomed Seiji Takahashi, who was recently promoted as President of Nissui USA.

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Official home of Jake Bernstein, internationally recognized futures analyst, trader educator and author who has written over 41 books and numerous research studies on futures trading, stock trading, trader psychology & economic forecasting.

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Find Food and Beverages market research reports and Consumer Good industry analysis including industry overviews, market segmentation data, market share and growth.

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These are the 31 best damn sandwich shops in America.

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American Grass Fed Beef specializes in grass-fed beef.Our beef is raised in southern Missouri on Rain Crow Ranch by Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant along with their six children.

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Abbey Digital Ltd was established in 2013 offering digital signage solutions. Over the last year we have added to our list of services and now offer a range of services with our high end recording studio in Dublin.

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accounts_payable. Any money that a company owes its suppliers for goods and services purchased on credit and is expected to pay within the next year or operating cycle.

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How to Balance Hormones Naturally with Food & Supplements

Want to learn how to balance hormones naturally? I've been on a journey of balancing my hormones naturally with nutrition. If you're a woman looking to balance your hormones without having to resort to drugs, you've come to the right place. I have had some amazing successes over the past few years ...